Silver Tote bag

The Idea? Create a walking billboard. in manhattan.

The concept

SoulCycle is one of the largest and most popular indoor cycling studio companies in the world. Julie Rice, one of the founders of SoulCycle, reached out to Planet Logo in 2006 when the first studio was opened in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan. They were originally looking for t-shirts, as well as an iconic retail bag for the SoulCycle branded gear. When people left the studio with their T-shirt, yoga pants, or any other cool SoulCycle gear, the bag needed to be noticed. The idea was to be a walking billboard throughout Manhattan.

The goods

After much collaboration between Planet Logo, and Rice, the iconic SoulCycle metallic silver bag was developed. Beyond the impact of the initial pitch, the bags continue to leave a lasting impression today, which is exactly what SoulCycle was looking for and what Planet Logo always aims to provide. The whole process of coming up with a bag that is representative of the brand and immediately recognizable was truly a collaborative effort between the creative minds of both SoulCycle and Planet Logo, that involved lots of hands-on back and forth and fostering good and lasting personal relationships throughout the two companies.

The Logistics

Planet Logo has handled the sourcing, production, and distribution of the bags, which can be seen nationwide and have become a symbol for the brand as a whole, for the past 10 years. The bags are available in all of SoulCycles now 70+ studios and will continue to be available worldwide as SoulCycle grows. They can be seen throughout the country carried by hundreds of thousands of riders, including almost every A-list celebrity in the US.

The results

The client came to us with the framework of an idea and we worked with them to perfect it. What started as a walking billboard throughout Manhattan, has grown into a symbol of SoulCycle’s lasting impact on the spin class and fitness community for over a decade.

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