Holiday Cocktail Kits

Buzzing from the success of last year, we were thrilled to collaborate with MaxPoint on fresh ideas for their reputable annual holiday gifts.

The concept

Like much of our work in third quarter, this project initiated with a request for unique holiday gifts to be sourced, kitted, and mass distributed to both internal sales teams and external clients of one of our top clients, MaxPoint. A similar project, completed the previous year, resulted in more than three thousand PMS-matched fringe blanket gift boxes, which were drop-shipped to 1,500 worldwide locations. Buzzing from the success of the previous iteration, we were thrilled for the opportunity to work with MaxPoint once again to collaborate on fresh ideas for their reputable annual holiday gifts. A rigorous brainstorming round resulted in five new directions: a new variation on the blanket kit, an oil diffuser set, a french press coffee kit, a tech kit, and a craft cocktail kit. Everyone's 'favorite' revealed itself pretty immediately, and we began work on MaxPoint's completely custom Craft Cocktail Holiday Gift Set.

The goods

As MaxPoint is one of the leaders in the “Hyperlocal Marketing” space, we took the opportunity to seek out locally recognized artisan cocktail mixers, resulting in the discovery of Bittermilk -- a crafty barkeep staple with deep Southern roots. In addition to the mixers, we sourced two handsome cocktail glasses, both digitally imprinted with MaxPoint's 4-color logo. To tie the elements together, we included two stone coasters, each imprinted with a unique recipe specific to the particular Bittermilk flavors that were chosen.

The Logistics

Custom packaging played an essential and exciting part to this project, as we needed to determine a reliable, glass-friendly ship method that could be equally appealing in its visual presentation. Plus, at 1,500 total units, the task of optimizing box size and shape became imperative to facilitating the most economical and efficient fulfillment and distribution scenario. The packaging chosen was a corrugated tuck box that allowed both an exterior and interior full coverage imprint — prompting an opportunity for tasteful client branding and an impactful unboxing experience. The inside of the box included a custom die cut foam insert, to keep the fragile items in place (and, in tact!). Finally, the completed gift set was shrink-wrapped to preserve the integrity of the branded box while en route to its final destination.

The results

Following the sampling, artwork and prototyping phases, we proceeded to produce the components and ship to a member of our trusted fulfillment network. While our fulfillment partner kitted the final product, we worked to strategize the distribution logistics for the 1,500 completed kits, set to deliver across 291 worldwide locations. In mid-December, all Holiday Craft Cocktail kits arrived at their new homes on schedule, to the delight of our client. Successes like this fuel our energy to ideate and push further, to ensure that we approach future iterations of this project with the resources and tools required to craft something even better than before.

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