Dubbed the luggage tag for the digital age, RuMe’s sleek essential ensures carry-on peace-of-mind. Utilizing the tag's unique ID, good samaritans no longer need your private information to notify you that your duffle is right of the Brookstone massage chair. Keep your selfie game strong and your customer service calls shatter-free, with your mobile ring. Jot the details of each excursion in your travel journal, and remember: You didn’t choose the explorer life. The explorer life chose you.

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Mobile Ring


This 2-in-1 Mobile Ring allows you to hold onto your phone much easier. In your car? Use the included mobile hanging ring to mount your phone onto the dashboard. Need to be hands-free? No problem! Pop out the kickstand to set your phone on any flat surface for those long video chats with Mom.

RuMe Luggage Tag


With RuMe’s aluminum Luggage Tags, travel meets tech to protect both your suitcase and, most notable, your privacy. Implementing unique tag IDs, RuMe ensures that good samaritans no longer need your private information to point you towards your lost duffle. Finders simply scan the tag’s unique QR code, and cloud technology handles the rest. You’ll receive a notification, and your new favorite person get’s RuMe rewards! Win win.

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Travel Journal


This soft leather journal, small enough to fit into the back pocket of any pair of jeans, will be your best travel companion- with 90 sheets of paper at your disposal, you can write, design or doodle to your heart’s content; all for under $5.

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