Whether you’re searching for a hot spot or a cold brew, we’re here to make sure your long summer days are a sea of love.

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AKA hyper-insulating bottle ; AKA King of the Chill

Just because you’re a sweaty mess doesn’t mean your bottle has to be. Mega-insulation technology will allow you to stay hydrated while your drink stays cold - for up to 48 hours. FORTY. EIGHT. HOURS.


AKA minimalist notebook ; AKA the Robin to your brain’s Batman

Classic, but contemporary. Discreet, but bold. Uncomplicated, but ready to accept all of your daily work projects alongside your deepest darkest secrets without judgement. Get you a notebook who can do both.

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AKA waterproof bags ; AKA Dry Me a River

Take a deep dive with our waterproof dry bags! Whether you’re snorkeling a tropical island or falling off your weird uncle's fishing boat, these heavy-duty protectors are sure to spare your valuables from the elements, and you from a panic attack.

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