Gear up to get moving in 2017. New Year's Day calls for extra hydration, so pair a Bottleband with your...bottle...for a handy, effortless carry. As you hit the pavement to sweat out that holiday excess, keep your ears toasty and your motivations high with a Bluetooth beanie. For the 'indoor runner' in us all, explore new worlds and keep your mind racing with a virtual reality smartphone headset. Conquer those resolutions and kick back in 2017…or wherever you want to go.

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Virtual Reality Headset


This virtual reality headset with an adjustable elastic strap is designed for use with any smartphone—from 4.7 inches to 6 inches. With interpupillary distance and adjustable video support, this 3D system transports you to any world you can imagine.

Bottle Bands


Bottle bands are the “handiest” solution to hydrate mid-run without disrupting your stride. The bands easily stretch to fit most water bottles. There’s no slowing you down!

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Bluetooth Beanie


This wearable tech contains a built-in Bluetooth® wireless stereo that fulfills all your music needs as well as a microphone to accommodate all your handsfree phone calls- making the day easy, and your ears warm.

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