AuraBox 2.0

Desktop Notification System & Speaker

Introducing the all new AuraBox 2.0, the second generation AuraBox with so much more to offer. Built with a powerful 5 Watt Bluetooth speaker, more pixels to create smoother animations with more color options, this innovative device comes with a digital creative palette, social media desktop notification system, a smart alarm and more. The AuraBox 2.0’s new and improved app allows you to share designs with friends. Use the Aurabox 2.0 to inspire, create and connect to your daily life in a way that ignites your imagination.

  • Bluetooth, 33 Ft. wireless range
  • Desktop Notification: integrated notifications with smart devices such as text messages, social media, and email
  • 6+ Hrs of audio playtime, 5 watt speaker
  • Built-in microphone, thermometer, smart alarm clock, games and more
  • Interactive app available for free download -- Apple or Android
  • Includes charging & auxiliary cord
  • Custom packaging available at 250 units

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